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24 hours of fresh milk direkt from the farm?
Of course!
With milchtankstellen.com

Milk as a natural product

The product that is sold to us as milk in the supermarkets has lost its taste and nutrients during its processing. The well-informed customer increasingly asks for the original natural product: untreated milk that is fresh and delicious.

Self-marketing is this simple.

Self-marketing has become an important pillar for small and medium-sized farms - and the Milchtankstelle is the most effective means of self-promotion: No farm shop, no staff or other conditions. The customer comes, buys his milk and looks forward to the fresh taste he can savour at home.

Around the clock

The demand calls for supply: More and more dairy farmers offer their customers raw milk that has been freshly milked from the farm’s own milk vending machine: Insert the money, draw the milk, finished! Around the clock, seven days a week…


You can read everything that you would like to know about the freshness vending machines,
the rapid and uncomplicated assembly of them on your farm and the service offer ranging from the bottle supply to your tailored marketing strategy.

The milk filling stations

Our customers

“Milk filling stations” are a trend and their network is becoming more and more dense by the day. [...] This direct marketing secures the farmers a fair price for their product, and the customers obtain milk in a quality and freshness that the supermarkets cannot provide.

essen und trinken, 03.2014

... No go without a logo

Professional marketing also needs to have a professional appearance.


To ensure the marketing of your milk works well from the start, we offer you a marketing campaign based on our Milchtankstellen- logo and our Internet platform.

Comprehensive care-free package.

We will also continue to supply you with the bottles, information cards, labels and or signs for your Milchtankstelle. Make use of our comprehensive care-free package and let us advise you!

Customised for you!

You can of course receive our entire advertising offer including a customised logo that is just tailored to your farm and your own homepage. Get in touch with us!

Only the best

4 reasons to have a milk filling station


The farmers of the region promise an entirely fresh and regional quality of the milk. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Ideal direct marketing

The milk that you buy in the supermarket has generally travelled a long distance before it reaches the cooling shelves. Milchtankstelle makes it possible to savour milk directly from the producer without any intermediate trade.


You secure a fair price for the milk through the direct sale of the milk from the farm for the high quality milk product.

One brand.
One feeling.

Everyone knows the major petrol companies. One person prefers to drive to the blue logo, the other prefers the yellow shell symbol – however the standard concept, image and service, that should if possible be present everywhere - that generates trust and customer loyalty.
Benefit from this concept...

Buy a Milchtankstelle

Always keeping your farm’s daily fresh milk so it is always available fresh and around the clock for the customers – to do this appoint an assistant for your farm sales who will make you life a lot easier clean, more rapid, reliable. Find out more about the purchase of a Milchtankstelle here…

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