Frische gezapft - gesund genießen

The milk vending machine
does the selling for you.

Whether you want to extend the opening hours of your farm shop without increasing your personnel, or want to entirely pass on your sales operation to a safe pair of hands. The milk vending machine is always available to your customers.

Always keeping your farm’s daily fresh milk so it is always available fresh and around the clock for the customer – to do this appoint an assistant for your farm sales who will make you life a lot easier clean, more rapid, reliable.

Your milk vending machine is like a small supermarket

The best option for the milk

It stores the milk, cools it and stirs it, and ultimately also provides for the output depending on the quantity ordered. At the press of a button your customers receive precisely the amount of milk that they have paid for and have seen represented on the display.

In extreme situations

On request you can also obtain your milk vending machines with a battery backup in accordance with applicable EU directives and with certification. If there is a power cut, the battery completes the job, e.g. if customers are being served at that moment in time.


And obviously your milk vending machine also does not have any language barriers. It masters German, English and Spanish as well as a number of languages of our Eastern European neighbours. Feel free to get in touch with us, we provide consultancy throughout Europe.

In the best light

The technology is flexible and can be adjusted to ensure the clean and appetising presentation and sale of your fresh farm milk.

Facts and figures

Everything about the Milchtankstelle

• Each coin that is inserted is converted intoa credit
in milk units and shown on the display.
• he filling process can be interrupted and started again as often as you like
(no compulsion to purchase certain quantities)
• A button needs to be pressed down for the filling -
no manipulations are possible
• if you don’t require any more milk, any remaining money owed to you
will be paid out with the money return key
•Coin changer and banknote validators with banknote return device

What can the milk vending machine do?

The milk vending machine combines

• Refrigeration
• Milk containers
• Agitator
• Filling area
= all in one compact floor-mounted appliance
• The milk vending machine is assembled in an enclosed room
• The filling quantity can be freely selected
• The Risto milk vending machine is certified
• The Risto milk vending machine complies with EU directives
• In the event of a power failure the filling process that has started will be terminated and the remaining money will be paid out.
• A thermostat-assisted heater protects the milk vending machine at locations prone to frost at temperatures of -5°C
• Your own, customised design of the external surfaces is possible